Apollo 13

Director: Ron Howard

Cast: Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, Kathleen Quinlan, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Emily Ann Lloyd, Miko Hughes, Max Elliot Slade, Jean Speegle Howard, Tracy Reiner, David Andrews, Michele Little, Chris Ellis, Joe Spano, Xander Berkeley, Marc McClure, Ben Marley, Clint Howard, Loren Dean, Tom Wood, Googy Gress, Patrick Mickler

In April 1970, a Saturn V rocket launches the Apollo 13 spacecraft from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Three days later, James Lovell (Hanks), Fred Haise (Paxton), and Jack Swigert (Bacon), the crew of Apollo 13, are well on their way to the moon when an oxygen tank explosion seriously damages the Service Module, threatening their lives. From that moment, the missionís objective changes from scientific exploration to basic survival. At the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston, engineers led by flight director Eugene Kranz (Harris) struggle to understand what has happened. All oxygen stores in the Service Module are lost, along with water, electrical power, and use of the propulsion system. But the astronauts are not injured, and the Lunar Module can provide oxygen for the time being. The onboard crew and the ground support team must find a way to avoid a catastrophe by figuring out how to bring the astronauts back to Earth alive. As Lovell, Haise, and Swigert strive to make makeshift arrangements, their families cope with their fears and concerns. Continually, new issues and problems are encountered and must be addressed, or the three men will die in space. Across the United States, engineers work overtime, determining the maximum performance that can be extracted from commonplace spacecraft components that have suddenly become critical. A breathable atmosphere must be provided, and somehow crucial propulsive maneuvers must be designed and carried out to cause the spacecraft to swing around the moon on a trajectory back to Earth, and to precisely guide the ship to a splashdown on the South Pacific. Based on the book Lost Moon by James Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger.

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