Blood Money

Director: Aaron Lipstadt

Cast: Brian Bloom, Jenya Lano, Alan Arkin, Jonathan Scarfe, Joseph Gian, Jennifer Gatti, Alicia Coppola, Irene Bedard, Raymond Cruz, Leonard Stone, Bruce Kirby, Ryan Cutrona, John Lavachielli, Erich Anderson, Lee Garlington, Rocco Vienhage, Gabriel Romero, Bodie Newcomb, Kurt Caceres, Ming Lo, Jocko Marcellino, Kirstin Carlstand, Carlos Cervantes, Chris Eckles

Tony Restrelli (Bloom), a conscientious Wall Street broker, and his co-worker wife Chloe Beck (Lano) travel to the west coast for Tonyís brotherís funeral. The brother has been murdered and Tonyís familyís business is organized crime, shady operations at the San Diego docks. The leader of the crime family is frail and ineffective, and the familyís business is being carried on by easy-going incompetents. Willy (Arkin), once a feared hit man who now watches over the Restrelli family, does no more than point at likely suspects. Tonyís one-day visit is extended as he realizes it is up to him to solve his brotherís murder and run the family business until it can be liquidated. His investigation into his brotherís death leads to frightening encounters with the prime suspects, people engaged in various criminal activities. Aided by his wife, Tony starts to unravel the mystery of his brotherís death, and to understand the family business. He finds that the Restrelliís organization is under attack by ruthless competitors and by watchful federal agents. Russian crook Peter Kafelnikoff (Scarfe) and his gang emerge as a principal threat. Tony and Chloe must act decisively to save the family and themselves.

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