The Borgia Stick

Director: David Lowell Rich

Cast: Don Murray, Inger Stevens, Barry Nelson, Fritz Weaver, Sorrell Brooke, Marc Connelly, Kathleen Maguire, Barnard Hughes, Dana Elcar, Sudie Bond, Frederick Rolf

Tom Harrison (Murray) and his wife Eve (Stevens) live a seemingly ordinary life in the suburbs. Tom commutes to his job in the city, chats with friends on the train, and seems perfectly normal until he ducks into a train station restroom, emerges looking as a different man, a walking stick in his hand, and proceeds to carry out a peculiar financial transaction. Tom and Eve’s marriage is a sham; they belong to a powerful secret organization that arranges their comfortable existence in return for the performance of tasks in support of the syndicate’s operations. The two develop true affection for each other and begin to reconsider their situation. At his cover job, Tom receives dubious assignments that he efficiently carries out under his code name, Borgia Stick. Tom and Eve want to disentangle themselves from the organization and lead normal lives, but defection is perilous. Their existence is monitored and controlled, and their illicit pasts bar them from appealing to the authorities. Very guardedly, they sound out their closest friends, and perhaps reveal too much. The couple notices odd behavior in both friends and strangers. They even doubt how much they can trust each other. Tom and Eve must quickly find a way out of their predicament, because no one leaves the organization alive. Script by A.J. Russell.

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