Dr. No

Director: Terence Young

Cast: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Bernard Lee, Anthony Dawson, Zena Marshall, John Kitzmiller, Eunice Gayson, Lois Maxwell, Peter Burton, Yvonne Shima, Michel Mok, Marguerite LeWars, William Foster-Davis, Dolores Keator, Tim Moxon, Reginald Carter, Louis Blaazer, Colonel Burton, Lester Prendergast

Three men, wearing dark glasses, walk in line tapping the ground with canes, with the uncertain gait of the blind. At Kingston’s Queens Club, four men are playing bridge. One of the men, Strangways (Moxon), excuses himself and takes his leave from the others, saying he’ll be back soon. As Strangways walks to his car in the club’s parking lot, he is confronted by the three men, who discard their canes, gun him down, and stuff his body into a hearse. At Strangways’ home office, his secretary (Keator) initiates short wave radio communications with London, England, anticipating her boss’s arrival. But her communication is interrupted by the three assassins, who kill her and take documents from the office. In London, James Bond (Connery) is at a casino, playing a game of Baccarat Chemin de Fer. He is winning, and makes the acquaintance of a beautiful woman, Sylvia Trench (Gayson). Bond’s game is interrupted when he is summoned by his boss, M (Lee), the head of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service. At the MI6 office, Bond banters with M’s secretary, Miss Moneypenny (Maxwell), until M calls him to his office. Strangways, an MI6 agent, is missing, and Bond, agent 007, is assigned to the case. M tells Bond that Strangways had been working on a request by the CIA for help in investigating an interference with American missile tests from the range at Cape Canaveral. Bond arrives at the airport in Kingston, Jamaica, and is met by a driver ostensibly sent by government officials. The driver is part of an attempt to kill Bond, and during a struggle Bond kills him. At Government House, Bond is briefed on Strangway’s disappearance. Bond checks into a hotel and begins his investigation by interviewing the last men to see Strangways alive, at the Queens Club. He learns that Strangways had recently developed an interest in fishing, often going boating with Quarrel, a Jamaican fishing guide. At Strangways’ office, Bond finds a receipt for a geological assay. Bond looks up Quarrel (Kitzmiller) and makes the acquaintance of Felix Leiter (Lord), a CIA agent who worked with Strangways. Quarrel says that Strangways had him take him to various small islands near Jamaica, most recently Crab Key, owned by secretive and reclusive Dr. No. Bond finds that one of Strangway’s acquaintances at the Queens Club, Professor Dent (Dawson), did the assay of mineral samples that Strangways collected at Crab Key. Bond narrowly survives two attempts on his life, one by the three assassins and another by Dent. Bond persuades Quarrel to take him on his boat to Crab Key. Arriving unseen at night, the two camp out until morning. Bond wakes up to see a girl emerging from the sea dressed in a clinging two-piece swimsuit. Honey Ryder (Andress) is a Kingston girl who is at Crab Key collecting rare seashells. Bond, Quarrel and Honey take cover when a gunboat approaches and strafes the coastline. Pursued by guards, the three soon find themselves running for their lives. Quarrel is killed in a confrontation with a fire-belching machine, and Bond and Honey are captured by armed guards and taken to an underground base. Dr. No’s lair is slick, fashioned with a technical simplicity that is at once stylish and functional. Closely guarded, Bond and Honey meet the sinister Dr. No (Wiseman), a part-Chinese megalomaniac with prosthetic steel hands. At an elegant dinner in a tastefully-furnished room, Dr. No, a member of the SPECTRE criminal organization, talks geopolitics and reveals how he interferes with the critical Cape Canaveral rocket launchings from his nuclear-powered stronghold. Bond and Honey must find a way to free themselves and stop Dr. No’s quest for world domination. Based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming.

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