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  Manufacturer: Eurofighter (EADS/BAE/Alenia)
  Length: 49 ft, 1 in
  Empty weight: 22,000 lb
  Service ceiling (est.): 60,000 ft
  Operational range: 750 nm
  Engines: 2 Eurojet EJ200
  Radar: CAPTOR (ECR 90)
  Defensive Aids Subsystem (DASS)
  Armament (typical fighter):
         Mauser BK-27 27 mm cannon
         4 AIM-120 AMRAAM
         2 AIM-9 Sidewinder
         2 AIM-132 ASRAAM
  Eurofighter Typhoon single seat fighter
  Wing span: 35 ft, 11 in
  Operational weight: 34,280 lb
  Max. rate of climb (est.): 50,000 ft/min
  Maximum speed (with afterburner): Mach 2.0
  Ferry range: 2,000 nm
  Max. thrust: 13,500 lb (each eng.)
  Armament (typical attack):
         Mauser BK-27 27 mm cannon
         4 AIM-120 AMRAAM
         2 GBU-24 Paveway IV 500 lb bombs
         2 AIM-132 ASRAAM
  Height: 17 ft, 4 in
  Max. gross weight: 46,300 lb
  Max. thr. (afterburner): 20,000 lb (each eng.)

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