Director: Lewis Gilbert

Cast: Sean Bury, Anicee Alvina, Ronald Lewis, Toby Robins, Joan Hickson, Sady Rebbot, Pascale Roberts

British Paul Harrison (Bury), 15, lives in Paris with his father (Lewis), a businessman planning to remarry, and a stuffy stepbrother. Michelle Latour (Alvina), a pretty orphan girl of 14, runs away from her cousin and her abusive boyfriend Pierre (Rebott). The two teens become acquainted and find they share a feeling of alienation from the adults in their lives. On impulse, they run away to the country. They go to a two bedroom cottage in Camargue, a place Michelle remembers visiting when her father was still alive. They intend to stay, living as friends away from uncaring and oppressive adults. Paul is better educated, but Michelle has practical skills, like washing and cooking. To make ends meet, Paul looks for a job, and during his extended job search they endure deprivation and hunger. Despite disagreements they support each other. Paul eventually finds a job, and gradually he and Michelle learn to live on their own. In Paris, Harrison, Paulís father, has detectives search for his missing son, but their inquiries are unproductive. In the isolated cottage, within sight of ponds and wild horses, Paulís and Michelleís friendship develops into romantic love, and they experience an awakening of sexuality. They are careful to conceal their identities and lead a Spartan but rewarding life, finding joy in each otherís company. They consummate a marriage of sorts and shift from a childhood friendship to being a couple more mature than many adults. Their idyll exists in the shadow of an adult world that may suddenly reestablish its authority. Cinematography by Andreas Winding. Very romantic theme songs by Elton John.

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