Director: Ray Milland

Cast: Ray Milland, Maureen O’Hara, Claude Rains, Yvonne Furneaux, Francis Lederer, Percy Marmont, Jay Novello, Edward Chapman

Robert John Evans (Milland) is an adventuresome sea captain that the Lisbon authorities suspect is sometimes a smuggler. Evans is drawn to a shady enterprise by devious crook Aristides Mavros (Rains). Mavros has been hired by Sylvia Merrill (O’Hara), an alluring woman whose millionaire husband, Lloyd (Marmont), has been kidnapped. Lloyd is to be located and smuggled by sea into Portugal. There arise obstacles and complications while the suave and unsettling Mavros negotiates Lloyd’s extraction and makes arrangements for the rescue voyage. The Portuguese authorities and officials of the American State Department suspect something irregular is going on, and Capt. Evans becomes romantically embroiled with Mrs. Merrill and with one of Mavros’ secretaries, beautiful Maria Maddalena Masanet (Furneaux). Seraphim (Lederer), an enforcer employed by Mavros, wants Maria for himself, and wishes to get rid of Capt. Evans. Mavros restrains Seraphim, since he needs Evans and his fast boat to smuggle Lloyd into Portugal. The film gains complexity as the plot unfolds, particularly when Evans finds that Lloyd is to be brought back dead. Set in 1950’s Portugal, the hauntingly romantic film score enhances the exotic scenery.

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