Minority Report

Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Samantha Morton, Colin Farrell, Kathryn Morris, Neal McDonough, Patrick Kilpatrick, Steve Harris, Tim Blake Nelson, Jessica Capshaw, Mike Binder, Peter Stormare, Jessica Harper, Daniel London, Jason Antoon, Arie Gross, Michael Dickman, Matthew Dickman, Nancy Linehan Charles, Dominic Scott Kay, Tyler Patrick Jones

In 2048, a technological breakthrough allowed the creation of the Precrime Unit, a special Washington, D.C., Police department. Precrime’s detectives use a method called previsualization to witness, verify, and halt murders before they occur. Chief John Anderton (Cruise) is the perfectionist lawman who for six years has led Precrime. Anderton is haunted by memories of the disappearance of his son (Kay/Jones), an event that led to the breakup of his marriage. Notified only minutes before the event, Anderton’s team carries out a raid that successfully prevents a murder and captures the would-be killer. Under the leadership of Director Lamar Burgess (von Sydow), Precrime is expanding nationwide, and the Attorney General sends FBI agent Danny Witmer (Farrell) to look over the organization. Witmer is skeptical of Precrime’s methods and demands to be shown around. Anderton reluctantly leads Witmer on a tour of the facility. The operation is made possible by three youngsters, Agatha (Morton), and the twins Arthur and Dashiell, born with the ability of precognition. The three float in a pool under the Precrime building, watched over by caretaker Wally (London). The “precogs” exist in a dreamlike state interrupted occasionally by visions of future murder that Precrime’s technology is able to record and display to the unit’s detectives. Precrime’s scene identification and rapid response capabilities are crucial in stopping the killings before they take place. At the precog pool, Agatha suddenly grasps Anderton’s arm and urges him in a way he does not understand. Intrigued, Anderton reviews Agatha’s visions and identifies an early case in which Agatha had a different vision than the twins. Her vision, filed then as a minority report, is missing from the Precrime data base. Anderton investigates the old case, closed when the would-be murderer was apprehended, and finds that the intended victim, Anne Lively (Harper) has disappeared. Anderton’s investigation is interrupted when he is accused of the future murder of Leo Crow (Binder), a man he hasn’t even met. Hunted by his own unit, Anderton has only 36 hours to discover who set him up. He turns to his ex-wife, Lara (Morris), and Director Burgess for help, but must act on his own before Witner and his own men catch up with him. Taking Agatha with him, Anderton desperately seeks to unravel the conspiracy that surrounds him. Based on the Philip K. Dick story of the same name.


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