Director: Paul Abascal

Cast: Cole Hauser, Robin Tunney, Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Hollander, Kevin Gage, Blake Bryan, Andrea Baker, Jordan Baker, Joe Basile, Kelly Carlson, Lauren Birkell, Wendy Braun, Greg Castro, Fay Masterson, Robert Catrini, Larry Cedar, Dennis Cockrum, Joel Connable, Duane Davis, Michael Dempsey, Giuliana DePandi, Andi Eystad, Donal Gibson, Michael Holden, Tory Kittles, Clyde Kusatsu, Brian McNamara, Kathe Mazur, Tim Thomerson, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Rock, Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Forrest Smith

Bo Laramie’s (Hauser) breakout role in “Adrenaline Force” will likely provide a lucrative franchise for him. He steps onto the red carpet at the movie’s Hollywood premiere and is dazzled by the bright lights. It is a new and exciting experience for Bo, a former carpenter from Montana, as he makes his way among reporters and cheering fans, surrounded by the din of voices and the blinding flashes from photographer cameras. Bo’s new star status is financially rewarding. He, his wife Abby (Tunney) and young son Zack (Bryan) move into a new house by the beach in Malibu. The house is so spacious that, admiring her new kitchen, Abby blurts out, “Everything we have fits in half a cabinet.” But success comes at a price. Bo is shocked to find a photo of him and Abby luridly displayed on the cover of Paparazzi, a tabloid that publishes scandalous innuendos about celebrities. Taken with a telephoto lens, the picture shows the couple standing by their pool, nude except for blackout patches covering his crotch and her breast. Bo and Abby take Zack to a little league soccer game. Zack has just begun to play when Bo notices someone partially hidden behind a tree, taking photos of Zack. He approaches the man, Rex Harper (Sizemore), and asks him not to take pictures of his son. After a short discussion, Harper walks away and Bo returns to the soccer game. When the game is over, Bo sees that Harper has returned and is again taking pictures of Zack, and goes out to tell him to stop. Harper says, “Kid takes a nice picture. Won’t bring half as much as the ones I have of Abby changing Zack’s clothes.” Bo decks Harper, and only then realizes Harper’s taunting is a trap. The doors of a nearby van open to reveal Wendell Stokes (Baldwin), Leonard Clark (Hollander), and Kevin Rosner (Gage), Harper’s paparazzi buddies, snapping photos and videotaping the altercation. Harper files assault charges and Bo is arrested. Bo evades a prison sentence, but is forced to pay off Harper, and is ordered to attend anger-management classes as part of a plea agreement. His therapist, Dr. Jennifer Kelley (Baker), warns him that he’s carrying belief systems from a previous life that don’t fit his new reality. Harper is not satisfied with the $500,000 he extorted from Bo. Partying at a nightclub with his buddies, Harper picks up a girl he meets there, Marcy (Masterson), and later they all go to a premiere where they spot Bo and Abby. Harper and his buddies, driving a car, a van and an SUV, follow and then harass Bo and Abby, driving home in their car with Zack in the back seat. The paparazzi bump Bo’s car and repeatedly flash their cameras, blinding him. While trying to evade the paparazzi, Bo’s car is hit by a pickup truck. Harper, Stokes, Clark and Rosner get out of their vehicles and run back to take pictures of Bo, Abby and Zack, lying unconscious in their smashed car. Bo is not seriously hurt, but Abby requires hospitalization, and Zack goes into a coma. Detective Burton (Farina), of the LAPD Special Investigations Section, meets with Bo and starts looking into the paparazzi’s involvement in Bo’s crash. Bo is stalked by Rosner in Malibu, and an accident occurs that leads to Rosner’s death. Back home, Bo is caring for a recovering Abby when he sees Clark lurking nearby, taking photos of her. Bo realizes that the paparazzi will not quit. To protect his family he must render his own justice. Produced by Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey and Stephen McEveety. Screenplay by Forrest Smith.

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