Director: John Grissmer

Cast: Robert Lansing, Judith Chapman, Arlen Dean Snyder, David Scarroll, Sandy Martin, Bruce Atkins, Muriel Moore

A sleek and unusual mystery. Plastic surgeon Phillip Reynolds (Lansing) takes a special interest in the emergency room case of a badly beaten strip club dancer (Chapman) registered as Jane Doe. After scrutinizing her physical characteristics, Dr. Reynolds and his team undertake medical operations to repair Janeís disfigured face. But he does not restore the girlís face. Instead, he refashions it to match the image of his missing daughter, Heather, who stands to inherit the family fortune. Dr. Reynolds makes a deal with Jane for her to impersonate Heather. During her recovery, he patiently trains Jane to mimic Heatherís demeanor and speech, and to recognize and interact with family and friends. Dr. Reynolds announces the fake Heatherís return and, discounting a few errors, the family accepts her. After a long absence her face is as they remember, and her body and voice are so close a match as to be indistinguishable from their memories. Only Uncle Bradley (Snyder), who was always truly fond of Heather, has any misgivings. All seems to be going well for the scheming doctor, and then the real Heather (Chapman) shows up. Set in 1970ís Georgia. Screenplay by John Grissmer based on a story by Joseph Weintraub.

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