The In Laws

Director: Arthur Hiller

Cast: Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, Richard Libertini, Nancy Dussault, Penny Peyser, Michael Lembeck, Arlene Golonka, Ed Begley, Jr., Paul L. Smith, Carmine Caridi, James Hong, David Paymer, Sammy Smith, Barbara Dana, Rozsika Halmos, Alvaro Carcano, Jorge Zepeda, Sergio Calderon

In New York City, a group of men steal United States Treasury currency engravings from an armored car. The leader of the robbers then hands over the engravings to Vincent Ricardo (Peter Falk). Vince is running late for a dinner meeting where he, his wife Jean (Golonka) and his son Tommy (Lembeck) plan to meet with his son’s fiancée, Barbara (Peyser), and her parents. At their beautiful house in the suburbs, Sheldon (Arkin) and Carol (Dussault) Kornpett wait anxiously to meet the elusive Mr. Ricardo. In the course of the evening, Vince’s improbable stories, including talk of sightings of bird-sized tse tse flies in South America, lead Sheldon to doubt the wisdom of his daughter’s impending marriage. Vince claims to be a businessman, but it is gradually revealed that he is a secret CIA agent. When Vince’s operation involving the Treasury engravings runs into trouble, he conscripts Sheldon as his assistant in a complex and dangerous caper. Pursued and shot at by sinister men, Vince and an increasingly alarmed and unwilling Sheldon leave New York in a hired jet and fly to General Garcia’s (Libertini) stronghold in Central America. The two future in laws barely survive a series of zany encounters with foreign conspirators, Government agents, hapless tourists, and a bemused CIA officer (Begley). Vince and Sheldon must neutralize a plot against America involving the stolen currency engravings, avoid execution at the hands of an increasingly unstable General Garcia, and somehow return to New York in time for their children’s wedding. Fast paced and hilariously funny from start to finish.

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