The Ipcress File

Director: Sidney J. Furie

Cast: Michael Caine, Nigel Green, Guy Doleman, Sue Lloyd, Gordon Jackson, Aubrey Richards, Frank Gatliff, Thomas Babtiste, Oliver MacGreevy, Freda Bamford, Pauline Winter, Anthony Blackshaw, Barry Raymond, David Glover, Stanley Meadows

Harry Palmer (Caine) is a British secret agent with a shady past. As a sergeant in the British Army, Palmer was court-martialed for running a black market operation. He accepted a job in the espionage service when it was offered as an alternative to being sent to prison. Palmer is directed to investigate a security breach involving kidnapped scientists. It is not an assignment without risk. When Palmer asks his supervisor, Major Dalby (Green), if the fellow whose job he is taking will show him the ropes, he is told the man was shot that morning. When the scientists are recovered, their memories have been erased and they cannot carry out their tasks. Entering his own apartment, Palmer finds one of his colleagues inside, going through his things. Palmer is insolent but effective. Jean Courtney (Lloyd) is Palmer’s love interest. Palmer’s inquiries turn up a mention of "IPCRESS" and pit him against deadly conspirators. When a CIA agent is killed, the Americans suspect Palmer and begin to follow him. The threads of evidence lead Palmer to suspect that a senior member of the Secret Service is a double agent. Palmer must uncover the traitor or face the same fate as his predecessor. Set in 1960’s London. Based on the Len Deighton novel of the same name.

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