Tu-95MS Tu-95MS Tu1
photo source: USAF
photo source: Tupolev
Tu-95MS Tu3 Tu-95MS Tu2
photos source: Tupolev
Tu-95MS 2 Tu-95MS 3-view
photo source: USAF
3-view source: DOD
  Manufacturer: Tupolev
  Length: 162 ft, 9 in
  Empty weight: 208,100 lb
  Service ceiling: 39,400 ft
  Cruise speed: Mach 0.52
  Operational range: 3,340 mi
  Engines: 4 Kuznetsov NK-12MP
  Radar: Obzor
  Armament: 33,000 lb max. payload
         2 GSh-23L 23 mm cannon
         6 Kh-55 cruise missiles
         10 Kh-55 cruise missiles (ext.)
  Tu-95MS (Bear H) 7-seat strategic bomber
  Wing span: 167 ft, 8 in
  Operational weight: 365,750 lb
  Max. rate of climb: 2,000 ft/min
  Maximum speed: Mach 0.78
  Ferry range: 9,400 mi
  Max. power: 15,000 shp (each eng.)
  MaK-UT IR missile warning system
  Height: 44 ft, 0 in
  Max. gross weight: 414,500 lb


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